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$8 (additional shipping charges may be added to international orders)
OSIRUS' 2nd EP "Awaken" features the songs "I Don't Wanna Work", "Control Freak", "Under A Spell", "For Her", "I Wake Up", "Victim", "Definiton of Surreal", and "Beautiful Melancholy".

OUT OF PRINT (available for digital download via iTunes.com and Amazon.com)
OSIRUS' debut CD "Robert & Family" features the songs "A Girl", "Haves", "Shadows", "Come Away", and "Driving".
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$8 (additional shipping charges may be added to international orders)
The currently displayed shirts are out of stock. We've decided to change up the design a bit and will post the new design soon!

OSIRUS® T-Shirts comes in youth sizes (m & l) & adult sizes (s, m, l) and several colors (black, chocolate, forest green, kelly green, pacific blue, & royal blue).
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All songs are available for digital download through iTunes.com & Amazon.com.
A physical copy of AWAKEN can be purchased not only through this website,
but also directly from us at live shows, and locally in Houston at Soundwaves &
Sound Exchange (both in the Montrose).
Email any purchasing questions or problems you have by typing what's in the quotation marks (of course, use the symbols for "@" and "." :] )
"store" "at" "OSIRUSmusic" "dot" "com"
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